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To achieve a pole position in a competitive environment, many companies offer services provided at the cucomter's location, for the customer or even in cooperation with the customer. "Service sells" is the subject - that's where service marketing starts. That opens up a variety of possibilities, like customer mailings, by the employee on-location or by efficient public relations. Especially PR marketing has recently gained massively both acceptance and relevance, which can be traced back to the many new channels of communication - especially in the area of social media. How to use these new channels efficiently? That's a task for the specialists in service marketing.

The whole lot of new communication possibilities provided by channels like Twitter and Facebook, weblogs and bulletin boards all sound very attractive, but also confusing at times. It doesn't always seem to be clear what impacts they have, who's actually using then and how to adopt them for the means of service marketing. One thing comes clear though: The classic advertising does not work very well in the area of service marketing.

We're taking you one step further. Entrust us with your social media activity - be it Twitter, Facebook, weblogs or bulleting boards.

Try our introductory offer:

Starting with inventory-taking: What activtity is mentioned online yet, where do you or does your product already appear, maybe even without your cognition? We investigate that for you.

  • Seach bulletin boards, user groups and communities for certain phrases (e.g. your company name or product), continuous documentation (PDF files) in a predefined interval, key aspect analysis regarding the importance of online entries, summary as fully written report, starting at 39,00 Euros* hourly rate.

(E.g. daily search for a predefined phrase in the web, on news siites and appointed bulleting boards, complete documentation, balanced analysis with fully written report once a week, 399,00* Euros)



How do your customers rate yout products or services? Do you know your constituency? Are there possibly more potential customers to address?




Twitter enables you to transport news and commercial messages to readers or customers - fast and cost efficiently. In the sense of a dialogue the recipients can answer these messages or recommend a feed to other users.

Another advantage: Twitter pages get a good page ranking in Google.




Only few years ago it was an important goal for many companies to have a representation in the world wide web. But that's not enough anymore. If you want to draw attention to your products and services, you need representations in social media platforms - especially in Facebook.


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