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We present your company's performance to the public as it should be: At the right place, with the right content, for the right people. We prepare your message systematically and put it into an editorial form. This can be a press release, a report or an interview. Of course, we also illustrate your solution in such an appealing way that every editorial department will be happy to present it. We establish direct contact with your customer via social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums - we get you talking effectively.

Our offers:

Press release editing

You have already prescribed your own text, are but not satisfied with him. We edit your text and prepare it attractively.

This costs from 39,00 Euro* for a ~ 2000 characters long text, or from 75,00 Euro* for a 4000 Character long raw version.

Write a press release

You need an attractively formulated and designed press release, which makes your news clearly transported. We take care of it for you.

This costs with us from 250.00 Euro* for approx. 2000 characters or 450,00 Euro* for about 4000 characters.

Write a blog post

You need an SEO-optimised blog post that summarises the most important facts in a loose letter.

This costs with us from 250.00 Euro for approx. 2000 characters or 450,00 Euro* for about 4000 characters.

Reports & Success Stories

We manufacture about your facility, one of your customers or your services and products reports on. Text, audio snippets, video cuts and images can be then use them for internal purposes or send them to Send editorial offices as an offer. That remains for you left.

750.00 Euro*, for example, costs a research, on whose End 6000 characters text, one minute audio and video and 3 picture motifs.

Distribution list creation

We create a qualified distributor (e.g. editorial offices, press spokesmen, etc.) for a given target group. You get the distributor complete with Contact persons and contacts to be contacted after to follow up the transmission.

The distribution list creation is 299.00 Euro*.

Target group specific mailing

So that your messages get the right reach people, we offer target group-specific mailings to. By post, e-mail or Fax we send your messages personalised with direct address by name to your addressees. We are also happy to maintain your distribution list: Returns are incorporated directly into the distributor, the Contacts regularly checked.

A dispatch by e-mail or alternatively by post or fax (if e-mail address is not available) from 59,00 Euro* (plus postage and connection fees if applicable).

Registration with press portals

For an even greater range we offer your message in press portals as well place. These supply the editorial offices directly or are used by editorial offices and the big news agencies evaluated.

A registration at a press portal costs 10.00 Euro*, plus any provider costs of the portals. A list of recommended portals is available on request.

Additional services

We are also happy to provide you with after: Are there any questions regarding your press release, is there a need for further information? We clarify this for you.

We will also gladly help you with Organisation of a press release where Planning a telephone campaign with experts or in the placement of you as experts. Just ask us!



How do your customers rate yout products or services? Do you know your constituency? Are there possibly more potential customers to address?




Twitter enables you to transport news and commercial messages to readers or customers - fast and cost efficiently. In the sense of a dialogue the recipients can answer these messages or recommend a feed to other users.

Another advantage: Twitter pages get a good page ranking in Google.




Only few years ago it was an important goal for many companies to have a representation in the world wide web. But that's not enough anymore. If you want to draw attention to your products and services, you need representations in social media platforms - especially in Facebook.


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