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We're presenting your business services to the public just the way it has to be: At the right place, with the right contents, addressing the right people. We're processing your message systematically and conform it to editorial needs. At the output stands a press article, a reportage or an interview. Of course we're illustrating your solution attractively, so that any editorial departement will be pleased to present it.

Our offers:

Press Release

You need an attractively phrased out and illustrated press release, clearly transporting your message. We're getting the job done for you. Our price: from 78 Euros*.

Coverage story

We produce coverage stories about your facility, your customers or your services and products. You can use the texts and images produced for your own internal needs or offer them to editorial staffs. You decide. 175 Euros* e.g. is the price for an investigational research plus an editorial text of about 4000-5000 characters plus 3 images.

Building your Mailing List

We build a highly profiled mailing list (e.g. editorials, PR/spokesmen, etc.), focussed on your specific target group. You receive the compiled list, completed by information about contact persons and related information enabling you to follow up your emissions. Compiling a mailing list costs from 279 Euros*.

Target group specific distribution

Your message needs to be addressed to the right people - therfore, we offer "Target group specific distribution". We send your messages via postmail, electronic mail or fax - personalised with a direct adressment. We also administer your mailing list: Returns will be removed from the list, the contact data will be checked regularly. Arelease via mail (or alternatively via Fax, in case there's no mail address at hand) costs from 59 Euros*.

Applying to press portals

Furthering your coverage range, we offer to position your message in press portals. These deliver the incoming messages to the editorial staffs connected. Alternatively, the editorials can catch the messages directly from the portal. One application to a press portal costs 10 Euros* plus possible portal provider costs. A list of recommended portals is available from us on request.



How do your customers rate yout products or services? Do you know your constituency? Are there possibly more potential customers to address?




Twitter enables you to transport news and commercial messages to readers or customers - fast and cost efficiently. In the sense of a dialogue the recipients can answer these messages or recommend a feed to other users.

Another advantage: Twitter pages get a good page ranking in Google.




Only few years ago it was an important goal for many companies to have a representation in the world wide web. But that's not enough anymore. If you want to draw attention to your products and services, you need representations in social media platforms - especially in Facebook.


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