Service Marketing - We get the job done.

Traditional Editorial Services, Newsletter Marketing and Social Media Services.

NEW! Service Excellence: That's the way to get people talk about you.

Communication is an important component to achieve new levels of customer satisfaction and real customer exaltation.

Service Excellence can only work by bringing your staff on board. Interal communication via company magazines, facebook and twitter becomes a vital element. And also your customers may experience your service excellence - e.g. via customer magazines, success portraits and online specials.

We're resetting your existing interal and external means of communication, having an eye on service excellence, thus creating new tools for you - bringing success to your strategies of service excellence.

Our services:

  • Professional consulting at service excellence strategies
  • Procuration of professionals and experiences practitioners to attend you during the process
  • Conceptioning and scheduling of arrangements to an enhanced customer satisfaction and exaltation
  • Revisioning your means of communication, with an eye on your service excellence targets
  • Creating new tools for the success of your service excellence strategies
  • and much more

For further information and offers, contact us: service at

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