How do your customers rate yout products or services? Do you know your constituency? Are there possibly more potential customers to address?

We offer a qualified consulting service and create an individual conception based on member analysis, social relation analysis, and analysis of opinion and behaviour. We're using a wide variety of well-proven and new methods in quantitative and qualitiative social research. Our catalogue of services includes a professional visualisation as well as an extensive documentation, interpretation and presentation of the results. The following techniques can come into operation during research:

  • customer analysis, member analysis or visitor analysis
  • evaluation, organisation and analysis of events
  • social relation analyis
  • analaysis of public image and profile
  • analysis of acceptance
  • analysis of potential
  • cutomer satisfaction
  • (visitor) statistics
  • general data analysis
  • expert placement and consulting
  • presentation

We're using a wide variety of different methods of empirical social research. We're ensuring the methodic accuracy of our investigation, the qualified choice of capable census methods and an exact and durable analysis of dara by means of internal control and a continuous advanced training.

  • standardized interrogation (written, oral, online)
  • interview (single interviews, expert interviews, explorative interviews)
  • group discussion (e.g. with seminar attendees)
  • analysis of content (e.g. of program catalogues, internet contents etc.)
  • monitoring and counting (e.g. visitors of a museum or an event)

and much more. Please ask us.



Twitter enables you to transport news and commercial messages to readers or customers - fast and cost efficiently. In the sense of a dialogue the recipients can answer these messages or recommend a feed to other users.

Another advantage: Twitter pages get a good page ranking in Google.




Only few years ago it was an important goal for many companies to have a representation in the world wide web. But that's not enough anymore. If you want to draw attention to your products and services, you need representations in social media platforms - especially in Facebook.



Communcation Services

We're presenting your business services to the public just the way it has to be: At the right place, with the right contents, addressing the right people. We're processing your message systematically and conform it to editorial needs. At the output stands a press article, a reportage or an interview.

Of course we're illustrating your solution attractively, so that any editorial departement will be pleased to present it.

Public Relation Works: You work - we publish it

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